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Why Making A Strong Backdoor Password Reduces The Risk Of Hacking?

Hacking is a worldwide threat that causes a lot of monetary damage to companies of all sizes. Which is why it is important to take adequate measures in order to protect the data from hackers. The first preliminary protection that works against security breaching is a strong backdoor password. A strong backdoor password reduces the chances that hackers will be able to hack password so easily. Thus, you must follow the international standards to make sure that the IoT devices remain safe. The best ways to do so are listed below. 

  1. Length

The ideal length of passwords for all IoT devices and email accounts should be no less than 8 unique characters. Any password that is a combination of letters, alphabets, and symbols is considered very strong when the length is ideally 12 to 20 characters. 

  1. Complexity

Complexity adds to the strength in a bundle of ways. For example;

A simple word like ‘pen’ can be made complicated in a number of ways. It can be written as;

  • P5n
  • pe14
  • 16e14

These are but a few examples. You can use many other combinations to make even the simplest of words complicated; thus, difficult to guess. 

  1. Uniqueness

Any two same passwords compromise the security largely. If one password gets hacked, hackers can creep their way into other devices with the same password. Also, it is necessary to change the default password for all devices, then be it the surveillance cameras or mobile phones. 

  1. Password Management 

There are many systems in a network. In fact, even as an individual user, you operate on multiple devices and have many social media accounts. It is technically impossible to remember those passwords. Saving them randomly increases the chances of a leak. Thus, the best way to do so is by using a password management app. In that way, you’ll have to remember the password of only the password management app. 

  1. MFA Technique

MFA is multi-factor authentication. It is one of the safest techniques to reduce the risk of a security breach. It involves using multiple authentication stages before a user can access the system. The security authentication layers must also include biometrics like fingerprints. Using MFA or 2-factor authentication is also a good cybersecurity password habit. 

Conclusively, all these 5 password habits will help in strengthening the cybersecurity of companies as well as individual users.