Turning foot traffic into sales


The marketing textbooks will tell you that having a business is all about location, location, location. But, once you have found your location and placed your business in the right place, then what? You may be in the right location, which notably helps a tonne, but what do you do after that. It’s one thing to have a steady stream of people passing by your store, but they need to be coming in and buying your product. While location is the starting point, you need to have a few other elements in place to turn foot traffic in through your doors and onwards to the cashier to make a purchase. These are some ideas you can implement to boost your customer attraction.

Streetside advertising

You can buy frames Melbourne and have them branded. This is often what people will notice first when walking down a sidewalk or street because it is something that can be seen face-on and which they will need to walk around to avoid. So, instead of on the side of the building where a person will need to look sideways and up and could maybe overlook, put a frame with information on. The information can simply be the shop’s name, or it can be whatever special you have to offer of even an enticing quote that gets read and piques the curiosity

Offer a special

People love a good old fashioned special because it truly makes them feel special. It is always enticing to buy something that’s at a discounted price thinking you’ve got yourself a great business deal, especially as we start watching our pennies more closely with everything becoming more expensive. And it can be a great way for you to clear old or seasonal stock to make space for some new orders and deliveries.

Customer service

Make people feel welcome by having good customer service. Take time to train your staff to know the products or services that are being sold so they can answer not just the basic, but more technical questions. A customer wants to feel like they’re in safe hands and that the people they are buying from know a thing or two that they don’t. And if you make them feel like the king of the world when they buy from you, you can be sure that they will come again or recommend you to others at the very least.

Time for a cup of coffee

Coffee is becoming a big trend and a lot of places are offering unique coffee blends. But you don’t need to be a barrister to offer decent coffee. There is new machinery that is relatively inexpensive very easy to use which can be purchased. There’s no harm in having a few tables and chairs outside in the street and offer your customers a cup of coffee. This adds to the feeling of being special and it also makes them feel like you have time for them, there’s no rush, you’re not just there to make a quick buck.