The dangers of piling up waste


Did you know that the average household in the UK produces more than 1 tonne of rubbish every year? This is equivalent to the weight of 3.5 million double-decker buses!

Homes, not just in the UK, produce lots of rubbish daily – and this can soon mount up, having a detrimental effect on both, human health and the environment.

5 of the most apparent dangers of piling waste:

1. Fire hazards

Domestic waste materials, like wrappers and packaging, are flammable. Leaving rubbish to pile up not only makes your home cluttered on the inside – making it difficult for you to find what you need – it also increases fire risk. The bigger the pile of rubbish gets, the greater the risk of fire.

2. Unsanitary

Another reason why you shouldn’t let waste pile up at your property is that it’s unsanitary – due to the nature of the waste and the spread of bacteria. The rubbish will eventually start decaying, however, this will create a breeding ground for pests that spread infection.

3. Unsightly

Piles of waste won’t make your home look presentable to guests and is more than likely to turn them away. Rotting waste will also give off an unpleasant smell and attract pests, such as vermin and insects.

4. Restricted access

Waste can take up an awful lot of space, and can quickly spiral out of control if it’s not dealt with properly. Large, bulky materials can block access to your home and make it difficult for you to get in and out. Piling it too high will also increase the risk of accidents and injury as it could fall at any time.

5. Arduous task

The longer you leave rubbish to mount up, the harder it will be to remove it and restore a clean, tidy environment. It’ll take a long time for you to complete and could cost you a lot of money – after taking into consideration the cost of disposal services, like domestic skip hire, or trips to the local tip.   

How to eliminate the dangers of piling waste

Instead of leaving waste to pile up outside your home, why not hire a skip from a reputable company like Lostock Skips? They specialise in skip hire in Preston, and various other locations in the northwest, and can help you to dispose of rubbish quickly and hassle-free.

Depending on the amount of waste you need to dispose of, you’ll need to select a suitable skip size. Lostock Skips supply:

  • 2-cubic yard mini skip
  • 4-cubic yard midi skip
  • 8-cubic yard maxi skip
  • 12-cubic yard open skip
  • 16-cubic yard open skip

If you’re unsure which one you need to ensure all waste is removed safely and to maximise your investment in skip hire Preston (or any other area), don’t hesitate to call 01204 698 153 and they’ll guide and advise you.

For more information about hiring a skip to prevent waste piling up, get in touch with Lostock Skips by completing the online enquiry form.