Temp Agencies And Their Role In Today Time

Job recruiting companies may work under different names such as temp agency, recruiting companies or staffing companies but the purpose of all the companies is to find an eligible candidate for the specific job position. For hiring staff through recruiting firm you need to be clear about function you expect. If agency will understand clearly your hiring purpose you can easily get the right talent. Suppose you need IT expert but there are many branches of IT sector so at the time of description you should clear exactly what qualification you are searching for.

Question To Be Asked While Hiring Through Staffing

If you are going to hire any candidate through staffing agency you need to clear these points. Temp Staffing candidates must know what their qualifications are and what work he is going to undergo. A company owner should ask to temp staff that he is aware of his function area or not.

Sometimes a person is hired on position which consist of more than one responsibility. Person should not deny to perform related task when he is hired. Owner should ask about the consequences if the candidate is not performing up to the mark. Owner should ask about his qualifications and previous experiences. Staffing company is completely responsible if owner is not satisfied with the temp staffing.

Doubts Candidates Should Clear With Staffing Before Being Hired

If the owner has the right to test the candidate in all measures then the staffing applicant also has the same rights. Temp Staffing takes some percentage of annual income of candidate. In this way company has all the responsibilities to clear the doubts of the staff. Before being hired with the recruiting firm you should confirm some points. Person should clear whether he is going to attend a trial basis job or a direct calling. He should know how much income he will have against which kind of work. He should inquire about primary or secondary duties. Every company hire temp staff when they have extra work load. Inspite of the fact that they are temporary they have some major and minor responsibilities.

Primary duties including the work for which he was hired. Like finance and accounting section also have many diversions. May be person was hired for specific finance administration. If permanent staff is busy with other responsibilities staffing candidate might attend other tasks.

Secondary duties are those which were not described at the time of hiring. If person feels he was getting secondary duties but still related to his field then it should ok. If you feel you are going to be dishonoured by getting the work which has nothing to do with your purpose you can complain the staffing agency.

As staffing agency earns from both employer and employee it is responsible for both the parties and should provide complete satisfaction to both the parties. If mistake is held from any of the hand, company had to seek out. Staffing recruitment is such a hectic and responsible work. If someone trust you to give whole life decision in your hand, company should be honest towards working. Because of so much expectancy with staffing team they are raising recruiting rates more than 25 percent.