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Paul McCarthy Guide to Doing Business Online in Cork

There are proven steps that you can follow to make sure that you will have success when you start your small business on the internet. We have seen a lot of people start and grow successful companies or enterprises by doing some of these steps:

  • Find the need in your niche and fill it.
  • Write articles or contents that sells.
  • You need to design an easy-to-use site.
  • Use search engines like Google to attract traffic to your website.

Some business owners, from newbies to professional online entrepreneurs, can take advantage of these steps and learn how to start your business on the internet. To make sure that you will know everything about this subject, you can check out social media pages, forums or websites like Paul McCarthy Cork at Wix for information.

Step #1: Find the need in your niche and fill it

A lot of people who want to start an online business are usually making a lot of mistakes in finding the products they want to sell first before looking for their market. To increase your chances of making your business successful, you need to start with finding the right market that suits you. 

The trick here is to look for people who are searching for answers to problems, and not finding the right or many results. The online world makes this kind of research a lot easier. You can visit forum sites on the internet to see what the usual questions that people ask are and what types of problems they are trying to solve. 

You can also do some keyword research to look for keywords that people are searching on the internet, but less business competition. You also need to check your competitors by visiting their websites and taking notes on what they are doing to fill the demand. You can then use the information that you gathered and learned from your competitors to create a product for a market that you chose.

To know more about keyword research, check out

Step #2: Write articles or contents that sell

There is a proven sales formula that attracts visitors using the selling process, the moment they arrive at a website until they buy a product or avail the services. 

  • Entice the customers with a captivating headline.
  • Tell the people how your product works.
  • Make sure that you establish yourself as a credible problem solver.
  • Make sure that you put testimonials of your past customers to your website.
  • Tell people how your products can benefit them.
  • You need to make a compelling offer to your target market.
  • Make sure that you offer a good guarantee for your products and services.
  • Ask for sales.

Throughout your sales formula, you have to focus on the reasons why your products or services can solve your target market’s problems or how it can make their life a lot easier or better. You need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself, “What is in it for me?”

Step #3: You need to design an easy-to-use site

Once your business got your target market and the product, and you have nailed down the process of selling them, it is time for you to design your company or your business’ website. You need to remember to keep it simple. You have less than five seconds to attract people’s attention, or else they will be gone forever, never to be heard or seen again. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose at least two plain fonts using a white background.
  • Make sure that your navigation is simple, clear and the same on each page.
  • Only use audio or video graphics if they enhance all your messages.
  • Make sure you have an opt-in offer to collect email addresses.
  • Make your website easy to navigate. Two clicks at most between your potential customers and the checkout.
  • Your website serves as your storefront on the internet. So, you need to make sure that it is consumer-friendly.

Click here to find out how to make a user-friendly business website.

Step #4: Use search engines like Google to attract traffic to your website

You have to take advantage of search engines to attract potential buyers to your website. The easiest way to attract potential clients to your new site is to use Pay-per-click advertising. It has two potential advantages over waiting for customers to come to your site organically. 

Pay-per-click ads show up on search engine pages automatically, and it also allows you to test various keywords, prices, headlines, as well as selling approaches. Not only that, but by doing so, you will gain immediate traffic, and you can also use these advertising methods to discover your highest-converting and the best keywords for your business. You can then distribute these keywords all over your website in your copy, as well as in your codes. It will help your site’s rankings in the search engine result page or SERP.