How to make your office a highly productive space

A productive office depends on several things, but most importantly it requires a present and motivated staff. Keep staff motivated and happy comes down to a number of factors, including remuneration and leadership, and that is a topic that we are not going to address here. Ensuring that they are present and available to work is the topic of this piece. In short, how do you ensure that your staff are at the office as much as possible? If this is a topic that you are pondering, then here are a few things that you might want to consider.

No reasons to leave

Typically, if an employee can find a reason to leave the office they will. We are not talking sick leave here, we are talking reasons to step out on a daily basis. It could be to go and buy coffee or to grab a sandwich. Maybe they want to pop out to go to the post office or the printer. You need to take away these reasons to leave by ensuring that as many of their needs can be met at the office. Bring in vending machines, supply coffee, partner with a company that offers print managed solutions Sydney has several of these available. The point is, if they don’t need to leave to find solutions to their needs then you are winning and almost certainly guaranteed a greater level of productivity and focus.

Keep them fed

We touched on it above, but it probably deserves its own heading. While vending machines are good for cooldrinks and chips, make sure that there is free food available as well. If your business is doing well a fully catered canteen is always a win. But if that is too lavish, then fruit and bread and spreads is also good. When you people get peckish you want to make sure that their needs can be sated in the office. If they step out, then they lose momentum, and all is lost. Also, people function best on full stomachs.

Make it fun

A fun office is a fun place to be. So, if at all possible make sure that the office is a place where the staff want to be. Think about bringing in trampolines, a foosball table, basketball hoops or nerf guns. Whatever it is, create a buzz and a vibe that is hard not to enjoy. Not only does it make for a good environment, it is also great for building team spirit and unity. It goes a long way towards breaking down barriers between the different divisions of the company.

Be present as the leaders

Nobody likes to work for faceless leaders. So, if you are the boss, or high up on the leadership pyramid, then make sure that you are both present and actively participating with the staff. Attend business meetings, get involved in the fun activities listed above and check in with your people on a regular basis. And make sure that you are even-handed in this regard. Each staff member is as important as the next and they need to know that they are all valued and important.