How to improve your filing and storage systems at the office

When you run an office, it’s important to be organised and hassystems and procedures in place.    The more organised your business the better you’ll be able to function, make decisions, go back on agreements and review contracts.  These are all essential parts of a business. It is not just about producing your product or offering our services, that is only what brings in the money.  What looks after the money and makes it work and keeps it going is the behind the scenes work and this is often where the skills or attention are lacking.  How you manage your paperwork, money, and administration will benefit your company in so many ways.  It also protects you in case there are any disputes or issues either from customers or to services providers doing work for you.

Get your paperwork in order

Make use of filing cabinets Melbourne has plenty of suppliers, to keep your paperwork in order.  They come in different sizes and some have lock mechanisms for documents or items that are strictly confidential.  Have effective labelling to make it easy to find things easily.  Put a good filing system into place that every one that is using it or has access to will understand.  You want the other people in the office to also be able to find things as a necessity for in case something happens to you.  You also want to have them use the same filing system so things stay in order and don’t get all messed up.

Online backups

There are several documents that must be kept in hardcopy, but even so, just as extra security should there be a fire or something terrible happens that destroys your hard copies, have a digital online version backed up.  You don’t need to print all your paperwork, that is no longer necessary.  But even with your online filing system, have a backup that protects against viruses and ransomware.  Make sure the details of this are kept somewhere for others to find otherwise the risk is still there that the information won’t be retrievable when you need it.

Hire a bookkeeper

The numbers part of the business is where it is all at.  You must get this right so that you can submit your accounts to pay taxes so that you know how much money you’re making and what things are costing you to run the business and even analyse where you can save costs.  Often a business owner is someone who is good at what the business does, EG: make kitchen cabinets, but isn’t the person who should be handling the money.  A valuable cost to incur is hiring a bookkeeper.  It is important to get your checks and balances right.  Part of a book keeper’s job is to ensure that all the money related part of the business is in order, so this will also cover that base.  You don’t need to hire someone full time, these days people are happy to have multiple clients which make it cheaper for you.