How to find awnings that suit your building and budget

Traditional, dome, gable, bullnose, quarter round, casement … these are just a few of the awning styles that are available. Awnings can be purely aesthetic, creating a feeling of yesteryear. They can be designed to provide shelter from the sun or rain on a patio or as window treatments to prevent harsh rays from entering living spaces and fading or damaging furniture and artwork. They can also be designed to protect your patios, doors, and windows from all types of weather conditions. Awnings can be static or retractable so that you have the option to use them only when you need them. There is an in a wide range of material options: fabrics include PVC, acrylic, and canvas while non-fabric options include aluminium and polycarbonate. Here are a few things to help you decide what you need.

Location, location, location

The first thing to consider is the location of the supplier. You’ll probably need a professional to install the awning so it’s best to choose a supplier that is close to where you live, especially if the awnings are custom-made, which most are. Start by researching suppliers in your area – for example, typing ‘awnings Newcastle into your internet browser is bound to provide a few good options.

Fit for purpose

If you’re looking for awnings it’s because you have a need or problem that needs a solution. If you’re looking for more shade on your patio, then you need to decide how much shade you need. A small patio umbrella is great for a café-style table or a pool lounger, but an awning is the only solution that will provide shade for all your guests seated at an 8-seater table. Straight drop awnings can be lowered or raised depending on whether you want protection from the sun or insulation from the cold and wind. Retractable awnings can be opened and closed depending on the season or time of day. During the early days of spring when the mornings and are still chilly, you may want to retract the awning to allow the sun to warm the house or patio area while in summer it can be extended to protect from the heat and UV rays of the summer sun.

Pretty or awful

Consider the aesthetics of the home or property building. Vintage and retro styles will suit older buildings and modern options will suit more modern buildings’ style, but there is also a range of options in between. If the purpose of the awnings is to protect your windows and the inside of the house from the elements, then the size and angle of the awnings are more important than the look. Don’t worry though, with so many options to choose from you will definitely find something you love.

Longevity and maintenance

Some materials are longer lasting than others. Fabrics may tend to fade, tear and stretch and generally require more maintenance than polycarbonate and aluminium which may last longer. Retractable systems will also need to be maintained from time to time to keep them working optimally.