How to dispose of an old fridge-freezer

Has your fridge-freezer broken or started to perform less efficiently? Why not give yourself the gift of a brand new fridge-freezer in 2020? But before you do, you need to think about what you’ll do with your old one.

Donate it

If there’s nothing wrong with it, consider donating it to family or friends who need a replacement. You could also advertise it on a local Facebook group – making sure it goes to a good home and doesn’t just go to waste!

Reuse it

Reusing an old fridge-freezer that’s still in top condition is an eco-friendly option. It could even work more efficiently than the one it replaces.

Recycle it

Some local recycling centres accept fridge-freezers and have a designated disposal area. However, if you aren’t too sure, there’s no harm in checking with them beforehand to save you a wasted journey.

Arrange council collection

Instead of transporting the combined unit yourself, contact Bolton council and ask them to take your fridge-freezer away. It will save you the hassle of queueing at the local tip and provides you with the peace of mind that it’s disposed of correctly.

Ask the retailer to remove it

If you’re in the process of buying a new fridge-freezer to replace the old one, you could ask them if they can take itwith them when they deliver the new one. Not all retailers offer this as a service but for a small fee, some will remove your old fridge-freezer.

What about skip hire?

Unfortunately, skip hire Bolton isn’t suitable for electrical items, such as fridges and freezers as they require careful disposal. Fridge-freezers contain refrigerant gases which harm the rest of the items held in the skip. Some skip hire companies can arrange separate collection.

A reputable provider, like Skips Preston, will happily guide and advise you on the best way to dispose of your fridge-freezer. If you’d like to know more about fridge-freezer disposal, or their skip hire Bolton services, please call 01772 827 603 or email