How to Choose a Cold Chain Packaging Specialist

Cold chain packaging for products is an essential tool used in the industry of Life Sciences and big Pharma. At SoftBox there are several options to transport vital products in a safe and environmentally-secure manner.

Pallet in Pallet Shippers

Pallet in pallet shippers are a cost-effective way of transporting products that are highly sensitive to temperature movements. This product can maintain an optimum temperature (or temperature range) for up to five days.

This allows products to be sent around the world and knowing this thermal state can be kept for such a long time satisfies customers. Many of the products used are vaccines, biological matter and living cells. Maintaining these at the desired temperature demanded by the manufacturer is critical.

Softbox has designed this product to be resourceful and innovative. This in turn, makes the cost of the entire logistical operation considerably lower. However, there is no compromise on quality and the safety of the product and its environmental state is always the most important consideration of all.

Perfect for Large Consignments

Pallet in Pallet Shipping is excellent for large consignments. Often, manufacturers sending vaccines to West Africa or Asia, to control mass outbreaks of disease, will be required to send huge consignments and each one needs to be absolutely certain each pallet is temperature-controlled and working to 100 per cent efficiency.

The importance and genius of moving hundreds of pallets in this manner is often underestimated. Handling one pallet is easily manageable – but when there are several hundred then the logistical operation becomes impressive, to say the least.

Thermal Covers

SoftBox also has a wide range of reflective and thermal covers to help ensure products that are sensitive to change, stay at the desired temperature – no matter what exterior conditions dictate. The thermal covers not only slow down the change in temperature outside but also protects the consignment from dust, rain, wind and frost.

The covers will also help in keeping the right humidity within the product containers. Any moisture from outside will not get into the product through the protection of the thermal cover. They also guard against sudden temperature spikes.

As products move through the chain and off a cargo plane, it can find itself suddenly landing in a very hot country and this adverse weather can make the shipping protection work very hard to maintain its desired climate-controlled state.