Garden Your Way to A Greener Office or Home

There is so much talk these days about the state of the environment and the associated issues like climate change and global warming. For those people who are attuned to these problems, there is a lot that can be done to try and bring about change. Sadly, there is no one thing that will lead to the reversal of an ever-worsening situation, but there are plenty of small things that, added together, can combine to positive effect. One of these areas where change can be affected is in the office, where there is enormous scope to be greener and more environmentally aware. Aside from things like recycling and going paperless, one of the easiest avenues to pursue is a greening strategy – in short, plant the office and in turn the world, back to health.

Cheating makes it easier

Many people struggle to get plants to grow. It can be very hard. But this is no reason not to try. One smart way to mitigate your lack of green fingers is to cheat. What we mean by this is that you should look to blend real plants with fake plants. You can buy artificial plants wholesale Melbourne has a number of good suppliers, and these plants will lend volume and greenery to any efforts that you make. You obviously don’t want to only dabble in fake plants as there is no benefit to the environment in doing this. But in terms of making a project look healthier and more established, this is a great way to go. Just don’t be forgetful and think that your garden looks so healthy that it doesn’t need love or attention.

Look for the spaces

There is so much scope to do things with plants – they don’t simply need to sit on desks. Look at your roof space and see what you can do there. Roof gardens are very much in vogue. They get lots of sunlight, are a great place for staff to go and relax and they catch plenty of water when it rains. They also have the effect of cooling the building. Many cities are now passing laws that make it mandatory for new skyscrapers to be designed with green roofs. And if roof space is not an option for you, how about a nice green wall. It is artistic and fashionable, and it will do a lot for the mood and atmosphere within the office.

Quantify things

Don’t just look to add plants to the office, try to find a way to make it mean something. Look at your carbon footprint and then come up with a greening strategy that tries to offset that. It might sound silly, but in doing this it suddenly makes people conscious of their lifestyle choices. Are all those jet trips to other cities necessary? Is carpooling an option? Are you doing enough to recycle? If your greening strategy is linked to your corporate choices it gives a purpose to the latter and it brings priority and awareness to the former. Go and be the change!