Four Unconventional Yet Common Uses for Containers


If you only ever consider things for the primary purpose they are designed for, then you are living in a limited world. Making new use of old things is a creative and fun project that could offer practical solutions to old problems too. One of the popular, much spoken of items that are very good in this regard is the shipping container. There are clever ways of making use of containers in interesting ways that could also be a budget-saving exercise. Here are four ways unconventional yet common ways that you can make use of a container in everyday life.

The container homes

Find containers for sale either brand new or second hand. Look at websites and blogs that people have created to share the ways that they have made houses out of containers. There are some incredibly nifty and neat designs that are attractive and quaint. There are also designs that can be large and monstrous so it is not only for the quaint but could be big and modern looking. An interesting design is to place containers on top of already existing buildings to add further layers and apartments that can be rented out.

For long term and short-term storage

Because a container can easily be moved around, you can use the same container that your items were shipped into and have it moved by road to where you want to keep it for storage. Some places use containers to offer long term and short-term storage space and if you move to another part of the country it is easy to organise for your storage to move too.

Pop up shops

It has become very popular for niche brands and small-scale retail businesses to have a pop-up shop in the busy months such as around holidays. Containers can be used as temporary pop up shops where it is rented only for the duration of the market or festival and doesn’t need to be bought or owned. They will need to be kitted with the shelves and display infrastructure that is necessary for the shop to be able to unpack and show what it has to offer.

Offices and classrooms

Containers hold a common use in the construction industry for when they need to have temporary offices on site. Sometimes the construction project can last a couple of months to a couple of years so as much as you might want something temporary, you also want it to be comfortable. There are companies that offer container kitting where they will set it up exactly how you need it as a functional office. They can also be used well for extra classrooms. It may be that the school either doesn’t have town council permission to build a permanent structure and so a container can be used in the interim. It is also a cost-effective and quick way to get a classroom up and running if the school has run out of space.