Farmhouse: The Most Hits Tourism Place in Bandung

Wonderful Indonesia

Farmhouse in Bandung became an extremely hits; this one tourist location is packed by tourists from various regions. Parking space for attractions for tourist as large as Farmhouse really comprises a massive region, nevertheless because the visitors are outrageous, the parking lot is always full of evenings. But do not worry, even though finish you can park at home next to Farmhouse. Numerous the houses around the Farmhouse are lucky to be impromptu parking lot to get Farmhouse visitors. It was a fortune to get the fortune, however it didn’t feel good if can park at home that was quite far from the rural house, I had to walk a very considerable way to get in the Farmhouse.

Knowing the location for this particular location, I decided to visit Farmhouse on Monday, coincidentally two weeks was a nice bobo boy in GH Universal Hotel, maybe not too far from Farmhouse. No warning, Monday remains crowded, although it isn’t as busy like in the weekend, the vehicles still match from the Farmhouse parking lot, maybe not before the tumpeh remains outdoors. Farmhouse is available daily from 9 am to 9 pm, and the ticket price is very inexpensive, only IDR 20, 000 / person, IDR 10, 000 car park, and IDR 5, 000 motorbike. Ticket entrance fees can be traded for cow’s milk or grilled sausages, the milk is yummy, and the sausages are yummy.

Costs by 2017 are still the same as previously. As I mentioned previously, this Farmhouse property is not too large, but indoors it is made as a small city in Europe, with cafes, cake shops and there is a hobit house that hits it. The hobby house itself is not too much, maybe only 1-5 are inside the Farmhouse, however don’t be sad, all of the cafes, pastry shops along with some other buildings have been uniquely designed so the air of the European city is felt here. Not a flower garden is arranged very well, especially this Farmhouse is situated in Lembang, one of the peak regions of Bandung which has beautiful natural landscapes.This farm really harmonizes with the surrounding nature makes this place really worth a visit.

Whenever you enter the gate, you’ll be fulfilled through an artificial waterfall that is sure to hang out in the event you’d love to photograph there. If you turns right, there is a ticket market, and there is a small animal cage that moves such as chickens, birds, iguanas, goats, rabbits, turtles and in the middle there is a hobby home plus quite a beautiful backyard. Perhaps this Farmhouse would really like to adapt to its name, Farm House, as a farmhouse overseas with its own animals. For you that come with kids, can nourish sheep, goats and rabbits.

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