Access Control Systems & Their Integration In Calgary

Whether you are considering security or alarm systems for your home or business establishment, you are bound to discover the amazing benefits of the modern access control systems. These are modern alternatives to the traditional key and lock entry systems. Your access control unit dictates how people can gain entry or exit your home or building.

In the past, only the high-end corporations had access to these control units. But, since the prices of these systems have reduced drastically over the years, homeowners are taking the necessary steps to enhance their home security by getting security experts to install different types of security access control units.

The Benefit of Having an Access Control System

  1. Enhanced Security

Would you like to provide a home renovation contractor access to your kitchen? You can now do this effortlessly, thanks to the technological advances of the modern access control system. You can issue the contractor a temporary pass that allows him or her to access the area for a specified number of hours. With this system, you no longer have to worry about changing locks each time a contractor leaves your home after completing work.

  1. Convenience

Just like keyless entry technology used in cars, you can actually have the same system for your home by integrating it into your home security or alarm systems. This way, you never lock yourself out of your home or worry about forgetting your house keys in your office.

iii. Monitoring

Access control systems create detailed exit an entry records. The system actually allows you to know whether your teenager got home safe on Saturday night.

Access Control System: The Different Types Available For Your Home

  1. Fingerprint Access Control

Users get access by a quick scan of the fingerprints. The multiple fingerprint access systems also integrate a PIN access control, as well.



  1. Key Pad Access Control

Users key in PINs or passwords in order to gain access. Every family member can set their preferred PINs or passwords for identification purposes. Guests can also be issued with temporary passwords or PINs. Such entry level access only allows for a short period of access, after which the password is unusable once the specified time has elapsed.

iii. Access Control By Proximity Card

Even though this type of system is rarely used together with home and alarm systems, proximity cards allow users to wave their cards over the scanners or reading sensors. If the card is forgotten somewhere or lost, its details can be erased from the system.

Biometric Access Control Systems for Homes

The biometric control system is a special kind of control system that identifies a part of the body by scanning it. The most common forms used today include retina/iris, facial, voice, and fingerprints. However, most homes only have the fingerprint biometric control system installed for everyday use.

Access control systems integrated into home security systems provide an enhanced form of security for your family, property, and belongings in a convenient way. Furthermore, you can dictate how users of the systems enter or leave your home. If you choose either the fingerprint or the keypad access control system, you will get reliability and the best value from your investment.