5 Fantastic Uses of the Photo Frames


Are you bored of displaying your photos in the traditional way? Well, here are some creative uses of photo frames that you can try.

  1. Make a clock with your family moments.

Every home needs a clock. Why not mark time with your family or personal photos?  Puzzled? this is what you have to do.

  1. Select photographs of the same size – 12 of them.
  2. Let the photographs be of good quality and resolution
  3. Order some matt finish frames online
  4. Now frame these photographs and keep them ready.
  5. Mark a position on the wall for the centre of the clock and the 12 number positions.
  6. Fix all the frames one by one at the respective spots.
  7. At the centre, place a clock needle mechanism which you have procured from the market.
  8. Now your family clock is ready.
  9. Just bear in mind that all your online photo frames must be of the same colour and size.

  1. Display a family map

Families have their members living in different parts of the world. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews – all live around the globe. Why not bring them closer by making a family map using your personalised photo frames. All you have to do is this.

  1. Take a huge world map and paste it on the wall.
  2. Mark the locations where all your kith and kin live.
  3. Select good photographs of these relatives.
  4. Order some good frames online
  5. Frame the photographs and fix them in those world locations.
  6. Your family map is now ready.
  7. This family map not only increases the bonding but also tends to bring its members closer.

3.Create your family tree.

Every family has a tree with the elders forming the trunk and the youngsters the different branches, leaves and fruits.  Create your own family tree using some good online photo frames like this.

  1. First take a paper and outline the members of your family tree- right from your grandparents or great grand parents to your parents, uncles and aunts and then move on to the youngest generations.
  2. Collect photographs of all these people in the same size.
  3. Order photo frames online of uniform size to suit these photos.
  4. Now choose a wall and draw the outline of the tree.
  5. Earmark the positions of the frames.
  6. Leave space for the frames and colour the rest of the tree.
  7. After it dries, fix the frames in place.
  8. There, your family tree is ready.
  9. This family tree is a treasure as it serves to remind you of your ancestors and their legacy.

  1. Love your family

Everyone loves their family and this is the right way to show it. Show the love you shower upon your family with this brilliant idea using online photo frames.

  1. Collect the photographs of all your family members, dozens of them.
  2. Order photo frames online – all of the same size.
  3. Draw a heart in the centre of the chosen wall.
  4. Fix the photo frames inside the contours of the heart.
  5. Fill your family with love.

  1. Photo frames around the corner

Use the corner of your hall to the best advantage by lining up photo frames on either side. For this , you can order online photo frames of different sizes. Create a geometric pattern of photo frames that merges at the corner to create both a display element and a conversational piece.

Photo frames are a part of every house but what you do with them really matters. Bring up some really unique ideas and themes and order photo frames online from the right provider to create a dramatic visual effect.