Why You Should Source a Reliable & Cost-Effective Dental Supplier

The importance of a dental supplier cannot be under rated for the long-term success of your dental practice. Your success will be measured, whether rightly or wrongly, based on how quickly you treat each of your patients. If you don’t have the necessary dental supplies to complete your day to day tasks, patients cannot be treated, and bad word gets around, especially in a small local practice. Therefore, you can now appreciate that selecting the right business to acquire your dental supplies on your behalf is so vitally important.

Each supplier must have several traits to be considered a business for you to work with. First off, they need to be reliable. Your supplier will often give you delivery deadlines which they intend to work too, and they should be able to meet those deadlines. Of course, there may be a reason why they can’t deliver on time, but it is important that they don’t make a habit of it. The last thing you want to do is for them to take your business for granted. Keep them on their toes!

Pricing is another area that you should watch like a hawk. If you buy supplies which have too high a mark-up, your profitability will become affected. Sometimes suppliers raise their prices without you noticing, so make sure you check receipts and invoices. Suppliers often believe that the upheaval for the practice to change supplier is often too much for them to change, so they mistakenly believe they can increase prices when they want.

Make sure you also monitor the quality of the equipment that is sent to you. There are some unscrupulous suppliers out there who buy cheap knock offs from China and sell them to unsuspecting US dental practices. This will not only lose you money, but it could put the safety of your patients at risk if the equipment causes damage during treatment. Beware!

Lastly, it is important to read reviews of the supplier you intend to use. If there are positive reviews, they are likely to offer you a good service. Make sure the reviews are from verified dental offices. You don’t want your supplier making up testimonials!

What else do you look out for when choosing a dental supplier? Let us know!

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