Why Crestron Are #1 in The Home Automation Sector

Crestron is arguably one of the most famous names in the home automation niche at the moment. They have created a home automation product that offers something that other companies cannot offer. They have been in business for the last four decades and are constantly pushing boundaries by constantly innovating to keep them ahead of the competition.

Crestron have been able to earn this reputation by streamlining all of their different technologies into one controllable smart device. Here are some of the benefits that Crestron home automation technology can offer you.

Crestron systems allow you to install a home audio-video system, a lighting control system and a security system, all in one installation. It can also play a part in managing the heating, as well as switching on and off lights when you enter and leave the room, thanks to the installation of cutting-edge motion detectors. With these detectors, it is also possible for you to track who enters and leaves a property, which allows you to manage your home security.

When you leave home for the day, the Crestron system will automatically shut down any unused systems, so it saves energy and thus money. In fact, from a personal point of view, the Automatic light control is my favourite part of the Crestron Home Automation system. Crestron Lighting does this very well in my opinion, and you’ll quickly get used to walking from room to room with lights automatically being switched on and off before your very eyes. The system is totally fit for purpose and is certainly not gimmicky.

Crestron also offers an excellent entertainment product too. We are certain that you will enjoy the home cinema experience that Crestron provides. Don’t feel like you have to have a gigantic room to install a system such as this, as it is possible to fit a home cinema into a conventional room. For example, space can be saved by putting speakers behind the projector screen. We believe that a home cinema will certainly change the way you view your TV and films.

We feel that the Crestron system is well made and value for money – and should be your go-to suppliers.

If you would like more information, we would recommend that you check out Custom Controls, who have a number of example Crestron home installations on their website.