When do you need to hire a skip?

Are you planning a big DIY project this summer? You’ll likely be left with a lot of rubbish and what better way to remove it than to hire a skip from Bolton Skips?

Bolton Skips don’t only specialise in skip hire Bolton but offer their service further afield, covering areas such as Leyland. With skip hire in Leyland, Bolton Skips make the process of rubbish removal easier for you, saving you the hassle of transporting waste to the local tip yourself – helping you get the job done faster.

So when does hiring a skip come in useful?

  • Home renovations

If you’re renovating a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom or your entire property, Bolton Skips are confident they have the perfect solution for your disposal needs.

It’s almost impossible to fit all renovation waste inside the wheelie bins supplied by the local council which is why many people opt for skip hire Leyland. Domestic skip hire allows you to rest in the knowledge that waste is disposed of correctly.

  • Festivals

Music festivals have increased in popularity here in the UK and with this said, they can leave venues heavily littered. Removing this rubbish can be time-consuming, however, skip hire Leyland can effectively ease the workload.

Ranging from plastic bottles to food packaging and other types of waste, Bolton Skips to ensure waste is removed safely.

  • Garden clearances

Whether you’re updating your garden with new garden furniture or completely renovating it into something new and exciting, domestic skip hire Leyland will make it easier for you to get rid of messy materials such as soil, rubble, tree branches and more.

Skips like the 8yd drop door maxi skip are ideal for garden clearance projects as they enable you to dispose of garden waste – without having to lift waste over the sides of the skip, keeping the mess to a minimum and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Construction work

If you’re having an extension built, you’re going to need somewhere to store the waste produced, and hiring a skip in Leyland is always a good idea. Having a skip somewhere handy (i.e. on your driveway or the road in front of your home) will enable you to remove waste as soon as it’s generated.

Bolton Skips can help you to order the most suitable skip for your project, so you needn’t worry about overloading your skip and paying to have the excess materials removed, or hiring a skip that’s too big and won’t be filled.

  • Moving house

When moving house, there’s so much to think about and only a short space of time to do it. To speed up the process of moving out/moving in, Bolton Skips provide domestic skips which enable you to sort your possessions and throw out what you don’t need to take with you to your new home.

Take advantage of Bolton Skips’ skip hire services in Leyland today by calling 01204 383 737 or emailing