Uniforms and ID cards: safety reasons to wear them

Many people disregard uniforms because they feel their personalities are being oppressed. Uniforms make us blend with the rest of the people. Students, employees, security personnel, special staff, they all wear uniforms. The main idea of uniforms is not to blend people but to make them different from the rest. You can identify a group of people from a distance if they are wearing a uniform.

How to wear them properly

Wearing a uniform can be tiring if you want to have your style. In this case, you can use accessories to let your imagination flow and follow your creativity. Remember to ask your superiors if you are not breaking any rule or company norm.

It is also important to wash your uniform with care. The way they look depends mostly on how bright the colors are and how clean it is. These two aspects will define the base look of the day.

Safety-related to uniforms

Wearing a uniform can also be part of the safety scheme of the company you work for. This scheme can operate at two different levels: safety from outside threats and safety from work-related threats. If the company operates heavy machinery or another type of machines, uniforms usually keep your body protected from this. Long sleeves protect your arms from getting hurt while manipulating products. Trousers with unique fabrics can also protect your legs against chemicals or any other material.

The second level of safety is related to identification. The possibility of identifying your staff in a situation of emergency is vital for security guards. If there is a dangerous situation within the area most of the people present are going to be employees. But if the hazard occurs outside of the premises having a uniform would help security officers easily identify members of a company.

ID cards for the office

To this aspect of being easily identifiable: using ID cards is also a right way of meeting this goal. Employees must wear their ID card in a visible place. This card can have some necessary information to help others know who they are talking to. Name, last name, position, and a nice front picture is some of the basic elements a good ID card must have.

When it comes to ordering ID cards for your employees, the market offers great variety. Lanyards Tomorrow consistently offers name badge holders or card passes, badges and id accessories with discount. Lanyards and cards can be made using different materials, colors or preprinted patterns. In just a moment your order can be ready.

ID cards for small businesses

What if your company does not handle hundreds of employees? Is it still necessary to have ID cards? Yes, it is. Here’s the reason why. Employees sometimes feel their energy is not well used in the office. They come every day to give most of their productive hours in exchange for a salary. But sometimes this salary is not exactly what they are looking for. People want their efforts to be recognized.

When you give your employees an ID card, you are also giving them the opportunity to represent the company and to be represented. This creates a stronger bond and feeling of belonging to a place. Many people say that one of the hardest parts of leaving their job was getting rid of the ID card. It may sound superficial, but this piece of plastic can increase productivity if the employees feel they are being taken care of.

A lot of information can be available

ID cards not only display name and a picture. If you ask the company to do so, they can hold much more information upon request. Some cards have electronic chips, and they contain some extra information for practical uses. These can be linked to a bank account and allow the employee to use it as an ATM card. It is also possible to use those card to give special bonuses and other employee perks. It would be necessary to have a microchip reader in the office to upload information and to verify that all data has been transferred correctly.