The rise of web 2.0, the social web or whatever you choose to call it has certainly brought about change. We now live in a world where everyone’s a producer or content creator. We are all publishers now. As for us, we are eternally grateful we’re able to use our collective voices as a platform to express our art and opinions. However as revolutionary and great it has been for us, it has also spelled disaster for others. The publishing industry has gone through a tremendous shift and has had to change the way it connects with its audience. For all the great blogs and websites out there, they all owe something to the great print publications that came before them. As an editor of a successful menswear blog I still very much enjoy flicking through the pages of my favourite menswear magazines. But as someone who is also pushing digital, I still think there’s something special about having a tangible product to feel and flick through (plus the smell of magazines…hmmm… or is that just me?) So, with the help from our Facebook community we’ve put together our Top 5 Menswear magazines! Enjoy

  1. Esquire
    Esquire has been a firm favourite here at Individualism for a long time. When Jeremy Langmead took over he turned around a magazine that was always playing second fiddle to its long-term rival GQ. Esquire kept it simple: quick, informative reads, less advertising and more substance. Inside, its pages are packed with great fashion features and flawless art direction which has garnered numerous awards. It also has an amazing history, and looking through some of the 90s issues full of retro photography and Oakley sunglasses is just amazing, what an archive! We’re eager to see how the next few years pan out for this magazine as they take on a new direction with their new editor Alex Bilmes.
  2. GQ (American)
    GQ is pretty much an establishment. However, the UK edition seems heavier than my father’s laptop. There’s far too much advertising for our liking but our transatlantic cousins seem to have it spot on. The layout and art direction is a lot more friendly. And the fashion stories are easier to digest. If you’ve never read this edition, pick up a copy… you’ll be surprised at just how different the two are!
  3. Another Man
    Previous contributor Alex Milnes suggested this one and what a great choice. A thick, solid mag that has provided us with so much visual inspiration for our video features! No complaints at all!
  4. Inventory
    I’ll be honest: I’ve never had the chance to sit down and have a read through this one. But I’ve heard so many great things about it, so rather than lie I’ll repeat what many people have stated on our Facebook page: I prefer Inventory for its great team, manly clothes, and photos full of not only items to like but also people whom to be impressed by. I like its size, its illustrations and the fact it isn’t published monthly – because it takes more time to make a better product. We’re sold!
  5. Fantastic Man
    Another quality publication. The photography particularly stands out for me. I first picked up a copy when I flew to San Francisco and I couldn’t put it down!