Time to consider the world of online learning or MOOCs


Wanting to study further as an adult can be incredibly difficult as we don’t have the freedom of time and money that we had when we were young and all that we had to worry about was making it to 8 o’clock class. And with the rise of global accessibility of authentic and reputable online courses, the opportunity to study part-time and online is becoming far and wide a more regular practice. This is especially so when it comes to shorter courses, diplomas or certificates. There are also an enormous selected of MOOCs, or Mass Open Online Courses at exceptionally low cost as they work on the business model of large numbers at low cost. Many of these offer a certificate of completion but don’t have the weight of an academic institution behind them. So, decide on whether to do an online course through a reputable academic institution, which will be more costly and expensive, or a short course through a MOOC which will be cheaper but have a lower credibility offering.

Business management

It is almost certainly worth doing a diploma of business management online. You will learn to understand the metrics and mechanisms that drive a successful business. Whether you work in a small business or large corporate enterprise, or if you are a business or even if you are looking at starting a business, a diploma in business will hands down always offer you great value and insights that will strengthen your abilities in the part-time.

Monitoring and evaluation

While this often becomes a role or job that is fulfilled by someone who specialises in monitoring and evaluation, you will find that when asked to write reports or do future projections, that this skill will come in handy. You’ll be able to offer more depth and insights into your report that will give the kind of information that bosses are looking for.

Systems thinking

Being able to identify and understand the systems that are involved in your business or position is a powerful skill to have. No matter what position or job we do, there will always be a system involved somewhere, even if it is just a process that you follow. Studying systems thinking will help you to identify systems or lack there-of and analyse them such that you can either improve it or create and develop a new system. Often there is waste (waste of time, money and resources) created that can be avoided through better systems.

Personal development

The better we understand ourselves the better we will be able to manage and work with others. So, leadership and people skills begin with you. While it seems like less of a business related skill, there is an incredible benefit to knowing yourself better even if you work for yourself as a one-man show. You will come to understand how you think, what your values and beliefs are, and recognise how you want to see your values lived out in both your personal and professional life.