Three Ways to Revolutionize the Candidate Experience in the Recruitment Process

Any recruitment process is often a long and arduous process that is taxing on both sides. It is vitally important in this day and age to make sure the candidate experience is second to none, according to dental jobs website DentReps. Any recruitment exercise needs to be conducted in a manner that is entirely fair and transparent. Failure to do so may mean that your business could be breaking employment rules and be fined, as well as suffering irreversible reputational damage. With the importance of social media in the world today, bad word travels, so you must ensure you play by the rules.

In a recent piece of research, 75% of candidates who had a negative experience during the recruitment process went on to tell their friends and family about it. They will often tell their professional peers, which may mean people will be less likely to apply for other jobs in the future.

Here are three ways to offer a great candidate experience…

Keep all Candidates Informed

When a candidate has taken the time to apply for the open position, it is crucial that you communicate with candidates to keep them up-to-date on the progress of their application.  This is the number one reason for a negative candidate experience when employers don’t keep applicants informed on the status of their application.

Be Polite

This is something that is quick, easy and cheap to implement, and it will also create a good image for the dental office. Even if a candidate is not successful, make sure you take the time to thank the candidate for their efforts and wish them good luck in their future.

You may also want to keep candidates who were close to getting the job on file for future openings. Research has found that 95% of all candidates would reapply for the position if the dental office were polite and updated them regularly on the progress of their application.

Evolve the Candidate Experience Over Time

We would recommend that you chat with existing employees to check how they found the candidate experience. You may wish to make this process anonymous so you get the best feedback.

This gives you a valuable insight into areas which could benefit from change in the future. Current employees will also feel engaged if they are involved in such discussions. It is a great way to forge improved employee/management co-operation.

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