These Are Some Of The Things To Look Out For When Selecting EHS Mobile Apps

Some few years back Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) mobile apps were just been set to use, but today it is another story entirely. The use of EHS mobile is more universal, although they are in the embracer stage, and they are on their marks to progress in the early majority stage.

EHS mobile apps are widespread for a lot of reasons, and a vast majority of those reasons share one of the next fundamental drivers below:

  • Enabling edge users, that is entering data swiftly, receiving information in real time and saving time.
  • Data reporting has been greatly encouraged, which delivers deep insights into latest hazards, risks and create chances for improvements.

Nowadays, with the aid of 1st Incident reporting app, reports on incidents, audits, inspections and real-time safety alerts can be accessed through QR codes/barcodes and online SDSs, etc.

However, the market is filled with a lot of EHS mobile app, and I must say it can be quite a hassle to know the one to select. But in this post are key attributes to look out for when selecting an EHS mobile app.

#1: They are Native Mobile Apps

This simply means they are built and developed for smartphones and their various operating systems, such as Android and iOS or windows. They are coded to perform fast and are durable. With special permission given they access some of the phones core features such as GPS, address book camera etc.  While most of them can be used with or without internet, some work with the aid of internet connectivity. Some workplace might lack good network reception which can affect the internet connectivity, making the EHS mobile app that works with or without internet connection significant.

#2: Field-Proven

These apps get better with time, as a lot of them through monthly upgrades to improve its features. For example, you cannot compare the earlier version of Google Chrome with the current versions, there have been a lot of significant updates and upgrades, and it’s same with this mobile software. EHS mobile apps have been around for many years and as time passes it gets better with advanced functionality, particularly if they were native app since its inception.

#3: How many workers make use of this software daily and how much large organization utilizes the EHS mobile apps?

We have listed below three major things to look out for when analyzing an EHS mobile app for scalability.

  • Have they been tested on the field?
  • Are they native apps?
  • What is the number of workers that will be using the mobile app?