The History Of Patent Down The Years

The ancient form of patients existed as early as 500 BC in Greece while others claim that the origins of patents are from the Roman empire. Then the US followed the footsteps and set up the US patent law. The Venetian Patent statue was built in the year of 1474 which was the first European statutory patent system that was developed. During the years of 1474 – 1788 there were over 2000 patents that got granted by Venetian senate.

The Current Laws And Patent Act

Comparing it with current laws the USPTO patent law says that any patentable invention must be useful as well as noble. Coming to England, the first patent system, the statue of Monopolies got founded in the year of 1624. Much different from the Venetian patents, this kind of patents used to be really expensive and this was just another system of revenue generation. Next comes in the picture, the US patent law. The patent act was established in the year of 1790. Back at that time France had a revolutionary government that established brand new laws for the patenting of inventions in the year of 1791.

Recent Alterations That Impacts Patent Laws!

After this there were continuous modifications in the patent law of America and all over the world. During the recent times there has been only one significant change in the American patent law which is the America Invents Act of 2011. This change said that the patent rights would be awarded to the person who is the first inventor to file his or her invention. So in this way there will be no discrepancies regarding the inventions which are done.

So these are the modern Patent laws and according to which patents are drafted and prosecuted. Now you know the entire history of how patents originated and slowly evolved to be the laws that stand in the present day, Brickell IP Group will help you to make patent applications and also assist in the innovative development of the patent portfolios. This obviously needs an in depth knowledge in the specialisation field and the field of innovation which is there in the present day patent attorneys. Comprehensive strategies are also required at times to achieve the patent for some invention and that will be provided easily as well. So this is good news for every inventor that has been looking for someone to help them with the entire process of patenting.