The Five Top Benefits of Led Lights for Your Commercial Plant Operations

Growing plants indoors can be difficult. As you probably recall from Biology 101, photosynthesis requires sunlight and plants grown inside have challenges surviving without adequate sources of sunlight. Fortunately, led plant grow lights offer the sunlight plants need while also providing additional benefits. Here is your guide to the benefits of led plant grow lights and why they may be your best option for optimal performance.

Benefit No. 1: The Cool Aspect

Most commercial led lights for growing plants do not need to be cooled down due to the very nature of led lights: they produce little heat. Oftentimes, too, led lights for growing plants for commercial purposes have fans already built in. There may be times, however, depending on the extent and size of your production, additional venting may be required. Speak to a consultant at California LightWorks to understand better if this applies to your commercial operation.

Benefit No. 2: Long Lasting

Led lights can last up to 50 times longer than other traditional lighting sources. That means you can leave the light on 50 times longer than other lighting sources. And that means more sunlight and faster growing for some commercial plants.

Benefit No. 3: Controllability

Led lights for growing plants often come with controllers. Controllers allow you to determine the amount of light, the timing of the light, among other things. Controllers are not necessary because you can easily plug the lights into a timed unit, but that said, having the ability to control lighting provides the benefits of managing your commercial products’ growth.

Benefit No. 4: Energy Savings

Led lights use less electricity. Less electricity means energy savings on the one hand and cost savings on the other hand. Both are benefits that will help you grow your company as much as the led lights will help grow your plants.

Benefit No. 5 Benefit of California LightWorks Led Plant Grow Lights Specifically: Grow Better Plants

This benefit is unique to California LightWorks commercial grade led grow lights. Most lights, traditional and LED alike, do not produce ultraviolet rays, particularly the UVB kind. UVB light helps plants grow faster, better. California LightWorks’ SolarStorm series was the first grow light to integrate UVB light into its system. The same is now offered in our SolarSystemⓇ series:

  • SolarSystem 550 UVB
  • SolarSystem 1100 UVB; and
  • SolarSystem UVB standalone.

So, if you are in the business of growing a lot of plants indoors, our SolarSystem products may be just the competitive edge you need to produce more and compete better.

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