Safepace Cloud and its importance in traffic safety

Traffic nowadays are not in good condition. Many accidents are taking place in cities. To avoid these accidents and to have a safe traffic, many types of equipment are there. These equipment play a versatile role in ensuring safety for people travelling roads.

Now you can control your signs and access your data easily from anywhere with the help of Safepace Cloud.  You can also connect and control the signs through this. It is a new level of intelligent traffic control. The features of Safepace cloud are as follows

  • Viewing the real-time sign data.
  • Accessing al sign stats from a single location.
  • Downloading detailed traffic reports and data.
  • Setting up of customized alerts.
  • Changing of parameters and settings.
  • It is having the capability of cutting down the workforce hours.

To know more about the Safepace Cloud, one can check Traffic Logix.

Features of Safepace Cloud

There are many features of Safepace Cloud. They are as follows-

  1. Better management of sign- You can easily manage all of your signs from a single screen. Moreover, you can access more granular data quickly and simply.
  2. Reporting and Data- Access real-time data and view at a glance all the updates. You can see the details and data overview by generating reports for analyzing and improving traffic management programmes.
  3. Mapping- It is an important tool. You can view all the signs from a single screen with the use of these interactive mapping tools. For updating setting and accessing details, you can zoom in on the individual signs
  4. Zero Footprint- There is no requirement of software installations as well as hardware. Accessing intelligent traffic data from any-time and anywhere is easy.
  5. Alerts- Setting up of automated alerts for speeding of the thresholds, tampering or low battery. You can receive updates via email or text.
  6. Improvement in efficiency- By reducing the travel time one can improve the efficiency and also optimize the resources. The reduction of time travel takes place which is for the sign management.

The compatibility of Safepace Cloud is very good and easy. It is compatible with all Safepace signs. So with the help of this one can ensure safety on roads. It will avoid major accidents and will save a number of lives.  Traffic Logix is helping a lot in ensuring the safety of lives and reducing accidents.