Preparation Steps for Rodent Control Services in Ottawa

Hiring a professional pest control company is the recommended method of dealing with pest infestation at home. Unfortunately, hiring such a company does not mean you can call them up and then sit back and await their arrival. Effective pest control is a tag team process. You need to be in on the action too if the pest control process is to be a success.

Though the steps to take are generally the same between pest control companies in Ottawa, most companies will provide you with a list of preparation steps to carry out before they arrive.

Given that a lack of preparation could render the entire treatment process unsafe and result in a re-infestation of the entire home, most pest control companies will not treat spaces that have not been prepared according to their specifications. After all, it is their reputation on the line. And in an industry where reputation is everything, no company is willing to take the risk.

In this piece, we shall go through several pest preparation steps when dealing with rodents.

Rodent Control in Ottawa

Seeing just one mouse in your home means that there is a whole family of rodents, including kids, mums, dads, aunties, uncles and other relatives living in your home’s walls and basement. Since mice are more active at night, it takes a while to notice the problem until their population has increased significantly.

 Once you call in rodent control in Ottawa to help you get rid of them, there are some steps you ought to take to ensure an effective control mission. With these steps, you will be helping the technician performing rodent control in Ottawa rid your house of mice and rats.

  • First, ensure all food that is not in jars and cans is stored in heavy plastic containers and kept in the refrigerator. These foods include nuts, candies, chips, bread, cereals, grains and pet foods. These foods are usually stored on lower cabinets or on countertops. And though they are usually bagged, mice and rats can chew through the plastics and gain access to the food.
  • Repair holes around baseboards and in the walls. Doors with gaps should be sealed properly. Rodents are skilled at fitting through small spaces (even spaces 0.25 inches in size).
  • Remove all items from under the sink and the top of your refrigerator to allow pest control technicians access to these spaces.
  • When the rodent exterminator arrives, discuss your rodent situation with him, being keen to point out areas where you might have located mice in the past.
  • The technician may decide to place traps and bait all around the house. Do not be tempted to disturb these traps and bait during or even after the rodent control in Ottawa.
  • For ongoing pest control, and this applies to insect control in Ottawa, as well, you should clean, sweep and vacuum regularly. Take out the trash daily and keep the lids on your trash cans. This is the time to be maintaining a squeaky clean house.

Following the above steps will allow your pest control technician time to provide effective and long-term services. The same is true for insect control in Ottawa.