LH-Crypto – another crypto divorce or promising broker?

The popularity and rapid spread of virtual currency is due to many factors. Firstly, of course, the fact that the issue of such a currency is strictly limited attracts. This means that inflation does not affect the course of any crypt. Another factor is simply getting coins from anywhere in the world. Potential owners do not need to go to the bank and wait until the selected currency arrives at the account, just go to the network and purchase a liquid coin. However, not all methods of obtaining such a currency are credible. Exchangers charge a huge commission, individuals can simply deceive. The most profitable way to acquire and increase the crypt – the broker. However, not all brokers are optimized for working with virtual currency, many classic stock exchange tools are not available to crypto traders. Therefore, many give up such a venture.

Because of this, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in more detail with the first universal crypto-broker – LH-Crypto. It is worth noting that the service was originally developed specifically for crypto traders. However, the site provides an opportunity to engage in margin trading. The project was developed by the international financial organization Larson&Holz. Tens of years of successful work in the best trading markets of the world, incomparable experience and excellent reputation – all this has allowed the company to develop in a new direction. Modern vector – cryptotrading. This is still a free niche in the CIS countries, where they are wary of virtual coins. However, in less than a year, the service has reached considerable heights thanks to loyalty systems, great deals and cooperation with each client.

Service tools – a combination of classic Forex trading and innovative tools, synthetic pairs, high leverage and low broker commission. And now more on each item.

Classic Forex Tools

The service is not limited to crypto contracts, therefore the range of services is represented by a variety of tools. At the moment there are more than 200 pieces. You can trade in various familiar and unique currencies (peso, Australian dollar), shares of advanced and branded companies, gold, silver, oil. From a single account, you can trade for various contracts for difference (CFD-contracts). What do such deals mean? This means that a trader makes a profit not only from the growth of a particular instrument. The forecast can be both on growth, and on falling of cost. Therefore, profit depends on the correctness of the forecast. But this does not mean that trading is a casino or a gamble. LH-Crypto service warns that any trading activity is a risk. Before you invest your money you need to learn, familiarize yourself with the tools and methods of trading. The demo account is just aimed at learning newcomers. The service provides each user with an account in which there is an initial deposit of 50 thousand euros. You can invest this money as you wish, because the main goal is to demonstrate the trading processes. However, it is impossible to withdraw the amount. What is the use of it? Free training and training. When you open a real account, you will know how everything works.

Modern toolkit

All trading operations can be carried out in a crypt. You can open an account in ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, LITECOIN, etc. This list is constantly updated, making the most popular and expensive names of coins. Crypto transactions can be made many times more expensive than you have in your account. The difference will cover the service, this function is called leverage. It is different for three types of accounts:

  • For crypto operations “Start” 1:40, for Forex operations 1: 200;
  • “Standart” 1: 100 in crypto, Forex 1: 500;
  • Pro accounts: Crypto 1:40, Forex 1: 200.

After analyzing the offers of other domestic crypto-brokers, it becomes clear that LH-Crypto offers the highest leverage. Another important feature is the ability to combine real resources and crypt. Synthetic pairs can be created from any virtual currency and metals, resources and energy carriers.

Additional services: training system (videos, lessons), own site for communication of traders (total number of which is 80 thousand people), advanced trading terminal Metatrader5, low commission for services, loyalty system at swap withdrawal, possibility of opening an anonymous account.

Over time, the resource will be further improved and improved, adapting to the requirements of users.