Job Focus –  Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Grower?

The job of the master grower is arguably one of the best cannabis jobs in the industry. There is a current trend for commercial cannabis growers to hire Master Growers who have degrees, such as in Horticulture or Botany, but they will also require experience working in the cannabis growing environment. It is vitally important that a Master Grower has a full and developing understanding of the cannabis plant so that they not only can get the job in the first place, but do well when they complete their first large grow.

But don’t despair, there is a way to become a Master Grower without the need of a degree. If you have a full understanding of cannabis and can demonstrate your growing experience, you will sometimes be favoured over someone who may have a degree in horticulture or botany, yet doesn’t possess the knowledge of specifically growing cannabis. As a Master Grower, you need to have a full understanding of the following:

  • Demonstrable knowledge of light cycle needs
  • Knowledge of nutrient feeding schedules
  • CO2 enrichment techniques
  • Growing conditions to maximize the yield
  • Setting the correct temperature and humidity

Other areas of knowledge that you require include mold, mildew and pest prevention. This is crucial for keeping your cannabis plants healthy. Sure, the process of growing should be well understood, but it is also vitally important that you have an excellent work ethic and have excellent interpersonal skills, as you will more than likely have staff working under you. If the growing staff aren’t properly trained or utilized, then the quality of your grow will be affected negatively.

If you have a degree in Horticulture or Botany, but have limited knowledge of cannabis, then there are plenty of courses which will help you develop your knowledge. Green Cultured offers a Master Grower Certification program which will teach people the basics of cannabis, as well as advanced growing techniques. The course outlines problems that many Master Growers face, and how they can respond to these issues to achieve a successful grow. This will allow you to develop your knowledge, and give your potential employer confidence that you know what you are doing. Plus, building your knowledge over time is crucial and you can apply the new techniques learned in other areas also.

Looking for a Master Grower position in your local area? Use the cannabis jobs near me tool on to search for opportunities near you.