Israel – A New Unanticipated Source of Natural Gas

Throughout Israel, Delek Drilling holds an energy partnership that makes it the leading choice in the industry. It has helped lead Israel’s gas revolution after it was determined that it should not be handled by the government.

This drilling company was founded in 1993 when it partnered up with Avner Oil Exploration that started the whole revolution. Five years later the company was part of the discovery of gas at the Noa Reservoir, located near the Ashkelon coast. Two years after that, something called the Yam Tethys Project was born. By 2004 it was producing all of Israel’s natural gas. In 2009 it had a part in the discovery of the Tamar reservoir. This helped Israel get much closer to being energy independent. The next year they found the largest reservoir in the world, which had a significant amount of natural gas that was recovered. This led to the use of more than half the natural gas in the world.

Throughout these events, the Israeli government started advocating for importing gas from Egypt. In an energy distress, something had to be done in order to ensure that the people of Israel would have the gas they needed in order to produce electricity. With costs soaring, something had to be done.

In 2018, the only natural source of gas found anywhere in Israel is the Tamar Reservoir. A transportation system was then built in order to get the gas from the reservoir to where it needed to be. As a result, gas is now moved from the reservoir to Ashkelon and then to a terminal located in Ashdod. The acceleration of Israel’s natural gas reservoirs then had to be achieved in order to ensure the security of the country’s energy.

There is currently a new reservoir being developed, which should be ready for use by the end of next year. When it is completed it will be the source of security for the country’s gas. New reservoirs will be created that will be attached to this one, making it increasingly easy to transport natural gas. This is the key to total energy security for the country. It is also the key to having enough gas and energy for future generations to live off of. It will also go to industrial entities that are vital to the people of Israel.

As the main drilling company, Delek is a powerful organization that has a long history of serving Israel’s residents. It will continue to do everything possible to preserve sources of gas and electricity.