Incorporating Empathy in the Recruitment Process

Whether you are veteran in recruiting or just starting out your career in the field, you will find that part of the job is flexing your empathy muscles at some point. Empathy has to do with your ability to heighten your awareness of and understand how people that are part of the recruiting process feel, experience, or perceive the world.

People who are tasked to fill the human resources gaps tend to be in a privileged position. After all, they hold a significant advantage over applicants since they are the ones that decide which of the candidates are going to be most useful for their needs and goals. So much so though that sometimes, they forget that there is more to an applicant than just his CV, but that there is an actual person behind the credentials. Read on some of the tips from TRS personnel detailing how important empathy is in the recruitment process.

One way of incorporating empathy in the recruitment process is to make sure that there is a clear definition of the process and of the candidates’ expectations. It is somehow a struggle among numerous employers to define what are the specific skills that are needed for a job position and what are the types of people that are going to make such a great addition to the organisation.

Make sure that job ads are written based on the specific needs of the organisation. You want the ads to represent what the real needs of your company so copying off what other companies are posting for a somewhat similar job is not a good practice. Make it also a point to involve individuals in the given roles that you are hiring for in the recruitment process since they would better know what is needed in order to get the work done.  

Use language that is inclusive. This is especially true in industries that are male-dominated. You would want to avoid posting ads that use language that is exclusionary or those that seem to perpetuate sexism. Make it a point to avoid gender assumptions when composing career posting.

You can also show empathy to potential candidates by keeping the job postings up to date. This is especially true for start-ups where growth can be easily rapid and exponential. This should not be reason enough for keeping those job ads for roles that have long since been filled. This will only end up in candidates wasting their time applying for something that no longer requires them.

There are many things that you can incorporate empathy in a multidimensional process such as recruitment and hiring. As long as employers will remember that there is a human behind every job candidate, then an empathetic recruitment process is going to be possible. Learn more about effective recruitment by reading about TRS Personnel online.