How Professional Product Photographer Will Help You Increase The Sales?

 More people owe Smartphones and Laptops across the UK today, more than at any other time. And this trend is global, it is indicative of the digital age that we live in. As a business owner, it’s important that you have a robust online presence, otherwise you risk losing out to competitors. An online presence is all about good photos and good text to persuade your audiences to try out your brand. A good photo is worth a thousand words, remember that? If you’re looking to promote your business and enhance your visibility, you’ll need a professional photographer to work with. Professionally taken photos can persuade more easily than word of mouth or the written word.

  • All major brands have active social media pages where their followers can engage easily. Social media works best when you have great photos to share with your audiences. A good photo gets liked, shared, downloaded; a good photo spreads faster than a bushfire. Increase the prospects of making sales by posting great photos online.
  • When it comes to ecommerce, over 67% of shoppers attach priority to the images you’ve posted of the product. It’s not enough that your restaurant serves tasty food; the photos on the brochure or website should arouse the taste buds of readers. Likewise, it’s not enough that your shop sells original jewelry; the photos on your banners or social media page should be appealing to potential buyers.
  • Some years back, digital marketers attached great importance to written content and SEO tricks in attracting traffic. Nowadays, they have realized the power of a good photograph. Visitors on a site don’t want lengthy text; instead, some nicely captured photos that convey the essence of your brand is what they want. Let photos and images tell your story, that’s more effective.
  • Models, celebrities, social media influencers and artists peg their careers on looks and appearances. There’s no better way to market and promote yourself than by having a good photographer. Actually, some of the leading celebrities and entertainers have their own photographers. Why? Because they understand the power of a good image. You can increase your prospects of getting gigs and shows and well paying events by building the right image. 69 Drops Studio offers celebrity shots, modeling portfolio shots, and so much more.

Our London studios are fully equipped and always available for hire. We also do outdoor photography. Our very competent photographers can come to your business to take the shots you’ll need when making banners, brochures, business cards, commercials, and so on. We’re just a phone call away; you can never go wrong with 69 drops studio. Plus the ambiance and vibe in our studios is just lovely, you’ll enjoy every moment of your visit. Take your business to a new level today; increase your sales without having to dig so deep into your pocket. Our photography services will inject new life into your business and take your visibility to higher levels. Learn more at