Forklift Safety Tips

Danger lurks in the workplace at all times if we aren’t careful. If you work in an industrial field, you know this better than anyone. Working with OSHA forklifts is part of the job in many cases. You will use these forklifts to carry heavy objects around the work site. However, forklift safety is key to keeping you and others safe from physical harm. Though common sense should be used when operating a forklift, there are still various scenarios that every worker should be educated on. Read on to find out more about forklift safety and how you can utilize this information to keep your workplace safe.

Get Certified

One of the best ways to ensure that a forklift operator knows how to safely handle a forklift is to get proper certification. Learning how to operate a forklift from a certified instructor is the best way to instill safe fundamental values in any future operator. It is also mandatory to receive certification before driving a forklift. Under no circumstances should anyone ever operate a forklift without proper certification.

Examine Before Starting

A good way to ensure that the forklift is working properly is to inspect the vehicle before operating. Do a routine check of all components of the forklift via a checklist that all drivers should routinely use. Notify your supervisor if you notice any potential problems with the forklift before operating it to prevent any accidents happening to the driver or other workers in the workplace.

Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is crucial for workplace safety. We must be wary of high traffic areas when we are operating our forklift. If you are picking up an item from a tall shelf, make sure to check the stability of the shelf before removing the item. Be wary of using your forklift in designated zones only. A forklift operator must keep things like these in mind to ensure that he or she does not become a danger to others.

Drive at Safe Speeds

Only drive the forklift at designated safe speeds. Though the vehicle can accelerate quickly, it is important to maintain safe speeds at all time in the workforce. Check with your supervisor to learn what the proper speeds is in your workplace to avoid causing an accident.

Keeping Others Safe Starts with You

Individuals who use OSHA forklifts are privileged in the workforce. However, regularly educating yourself is key to ensuring that safety is kept in mind at all times in the workforce. Follow these tips to do your part in keeping your workplace safe when operating a forklift.