Document Storage and Management Services in Canada

Whether as an individual, a business or organization, there are documents that you may not want to fall into the wrong hands. Because of this, you need to ensure that any sensitive documents or information are secure, well stored and even properly destroyed whenever there is a need to do so. Fortunately, there are companies whose key role is to provide individuals, businesses and different types of organizations with reliable document storage, document management as well as document destruction services.

Document Storage and Management Services in Canada

If you are a Canadian resident, you run a business or you are in charge of an organization that requires record storage or document management services, you will find companies that can help. They have custom designed facilities where they can keep different types, sizes and amounts of documents in a safe and secure manner. Moreover, they can help you to destroy any documents that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Whether you are in need of business, electronic media or medical record storage, these experts can help. They can typically handle:

  1. Medical Record Storage

Medical records are very vital for the well being of any patient and tampering with such records can result in very negative outcomes. In fact, it could actually mean the difference between life and death for such patients. Moreover, no patient wants information about their condition to fall into the wrong hands. These experts understand this quite well, and that is why they always strive to strike a balance between availability and confidentiality. They can securely store:

  1. a) Patient records
  2. b) Medical records
  3. c) Dental records
  4. d) Therapy records
  5. e) Research records
  6. f) Veterinary Records
  7. Business and Financial Records

As a business, there are vital records, such as trade secrets, clients lists and financial records that you do not want to get exposed to the wrong people, such as your competitors, the media or any person that is not authorized to have them. Fortunately, you can fully rely on these experts to provide you with safe, efficient and reliable document storage, management and retrieval services. They normally offer document storage services for accountants, architects, lawyers, engineers, insurance companies, retailers, sales people, contractors, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs, among others.

  1. Shredding Services

The fact is, your records contain more usable data than you may have ever considered. In fact, identity thieves can pull together random bits of your data in order to recreate the customers’ information. However, such security gaps may not be so hard to seal up, thanks to the expertise of the document storage and management experts. They can ensure that your sensitive documents are properly shredded in order to guard against issues of identity theft.

Besides dealing in paper document management, these experts can also provide you with digital media storage, management and destruction services. Their climate-controlled storage vaults always ensure that there are ideal archive conditions for your magnetic as well as film media assets. You are therefore guaranteed of optimal safety and security for your vital records whenever they are under their care. Whether you are in need of business record storage, medical record storage, or any other record storage in Canada, the record storage and management experts can help.