Develop Your Brand, Grow Your Business

Starting a business is without a doubt a major challenge. As much as you may have done a business plan and market research, as much as you might already have promises of business and clients in eth pipeline, it always requires a leap of faith to actually do it. Sadly, the statistics show that more start-ups fail than succeed and it often seems quite random determining which will fly, and which will fail. It could be a flawed business plan or a great idea at the wrong time. Or too many people had similar ideas. The list of reasons for failing is endless and sadly there is no specific formula for success. But if you are making a go of a start-up, here are a few ideas that could help you take things to the next level.

Don’t grow a business, grow a brand

Who are you and what do you represent? This is something that you need to know, and it is a philosophy that you need to live. The difference between building a brand and building a business is that the latter is a place where you can get something the former is a place where you get an experience. But building a brand is not necessarily something that comes easy to people without a marketing experience. It is one thing to be a good manager and run a business, it is quite another to be a builder of a brand. That is where it is a good idea to partner with a brand agency Melbourne certainly has several top-class companies to choose from. Find one who understands you and whose language and style you can identify with. Start a conversation and take it from there.


Every business exists within a community and to grow and excel you need to make sure that the local community identifies with you. Amazon might be a global or brand, but they are still a Seattle company. The same could be said for Chevrolet and Detroit or Coleman’s Mustard and Norwich. Whatever your business is and wherever it is located as a basic starting point you need to be involved with community projects and initiatives. Once you get the local community to buy-in you have a base on which to build.

Build your own brand

As much as you are growing a company brand, it is important to grow your own personal brand as well. Richard Branson is a great example of getting this right. He has done a brilliant job building the Virgin brand but in parallel, he has also grown his own brand – to the extent that he even had a walk-on role in a James Bond film. And the one promotes the other in a perpetual branding and promotion cycle. People want to talk to and follow Branson because he is a thought-leader and visionary, which means that he talks about Virgin and the cool things they do, and so the circle perpetuates. So, in short, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on social media. Talk at conferences, get yourself into the newspapers. Exposure for you is good for the company.