Comparing LeadPages And ClickFunnels—Which Is Better For Business?

Online businesses must find new ways to capture leads and boost conversions without heavily relying on traditional methods. To capture potential leads and turn them into dream clients, an optimized sales funnel can make all the difference. A well-optimized sales funnel can help business owners easily capture potential leads and land new dream clients, who would be interested in purchasing items on their website through a shopping cart. More info also available at

Both ClickFunnels and LeadPages are invaluable marketing tools that most online stores use to create a high-converting sales funnel. Many people think ClickFunnels and LeadPages are the same, but they are notably different on so many levels. In fact, comparing LeadPages and ClickFunnels is like comparing oranges with mangoes which would be insane. There are some significant differences between these two marketing programs, and knowing these differences can help people determine which particular tool would be the right fit for their online business.

What Is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a powerful landing page building software that helps people create beautiful, versatile landing pages in mere minutes. Not only does this amazing software capture high-quality leads from landing pages, but it also helps business owners collect high-quality leads from social media, popup-forms, email, and text messaging. LeadPages has a simple and seamless drag-and-drop landing page builder, as well as other salient features that allow people to create high-converting killer land pages within a short time.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is easy-to-use software tailor-made for developing high-performing landing pages. The marketing software is jam-packed with many bespoke features that are great for capturing leads, boosting sales, and arranging personalized events to attract dream clients. ClickFunnels allows both marketers and entrepreneurs to create a series of pages (sales funnels), depending on what they are trying to accomplish. The software has 3 different kinds of funnels—Leads, Sales and Events, and each funnel has sub-funnels that allow people to create beautiful and high-functioning sales pages that match their business goals.

Difference Between ClickFunnels and LeadPages

Although both software marketing programs are great for developing killer landing pages for online stores and a person does not have to learn how to code to use them, both programs differ in many ways. For example, ClickFunnels is highly effective at building full funnels. The fact that a person can easily add a shopping cart to their online store makes all the difference. Also, the seamless payment processors in between make many entrepreneurs work more exciting and easier, not to mention the potential lead magnet campaigns they would also be able to create.

Also with ClickFunnels, a person gets a full package. Although the software is more expensive than LeadPages, the many extended features present make this wonderful product a great value for money. But if a person is just getting started and looking to create a simple landing page, LeadPages is a great option to start with. It is cheaper than ClickFunnels and comes with a wide range of high-functioning, beautiful landing page templates that are within a person’s budget. Finally, this marketing software’s new mobile-responsive pages are far more attractive and very easy-to-use than ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels and LeadPages are both a fantastic way to create a high-converting landing page that business owners can use to capture leads and increase conversions with just a few clicks. LeadPages is more geared toward building landing page elements, while ClickFunnels is all about sales funnels. But which specific software is a better fit for any online business, highly depends on a person’s specific goals.

For those who are just getting started and looking to collect leads for their email list, LeadPages would be a good choice. But for those who are more experienced and want to create full-blown sales funnels that work really hard to automate their marketing, ClickFunnels would be the best option.