A Clean Runway Saves Equipment and Lives

Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde, crashed at France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2000 killing the crew and 100 passengers. A Gates Learjet 36A was preparing to take off at Virginia’s Newport News Airport in 2007 when the crew reported a loud pop. The craft skidded across the runway, its tires shredded. In both cases, Foreign Object Debris, FOD, caused the damage. Despite these tragedies, many lives and billions of dollars in damage have been saved by ensuring runways and taxi tarmacs are free of dirt and debris. FOD prevention is the key to securing safe runways for aircraft.

How Preventing FOD Damage Works

There are a number of specialized and incredibly expensive vehicles with sweeping brooms, brushes or vacuums that can clean runways, race tracks and other surfaces. However, this task can be accomplished more quickly and at a fraction of the cost with the FOD*BOSS, which removes debris from pavement joints and the surface of the runway. By employing a high-tech sweeper system, these units load up rocks, dirt and gravel over thousands of miles of use.

The FOD*BOSS Patriot and Ultimate models are used by construction crews, raceway maintenance staff and airport personnel to ensure the safety of racecar drivers, crew and passengers as well as everyday drives. To do this, the FOD*BOSS includes a long black mat covering blades that store debris and make it easy to dispose of.

FOD Prevention and Removal

Debris such as nuts, washers, bolts, pavement, stones, sand, and gravel accumulate and become a danger in high winds. Cleaning this prevents damage to engines, wheels and other equipment. All of these objects could be swept away and kept away from the aircraft.

How Do Air Forces Worldwide Protect Precious Cargo?

When it comes to jets, the most precious cargo is the plane and its crew. To keep this asset secure, a FOD prevention strategy is essential. Using the FOD*BOSS lets you see what’s making it onto your runway or race track and what you’ve prevented. Reliability is key in the highly demanding world of military aviation and large equipment is not always feasible. The FOD*BOSS is a sleek, compact tool that travels well and still does the job. Take advantage of the latest technology by going to a company that puts FOD protection to work for you, and that’s trusted by national air forces around the globe.

Keep your runways clean to prevent accidents and keep debris on the ground where it belongs – not in your jet engine.