5 Key Benefits of Lighted Neon Signs in Business Advertising

We live in a highly competitive world where businesses are finding it more and more challenging to advertise their products &services. But recently, in efforts to promote their brands and attract more customers, businesses are installing a lighted open sign to make their enterprises inviting and appealing.

Custom neon signs have lovely colors that glow immaculately in the dark that render them a remarkable tool for marketing almost any business type. We discuss the five advantages of neon signs for your business;

Stunning Aesthetic Appeal

Lighted neon open signs are eye-catching and extremely visible. The real magic of neon signs is experienced during in the dark.

If you fit one at the entrance, then prospective customers several hundred meters away can easily spot it. The bright colors of the signs offer an excellent visual appeal that can attract potential customers.

Low Energy Consumption

Compared to the traditional promotional signs, neon signs are very economical since they consume much less electricity. In fact, lighted neon signs can reduce the energy bill by more than 60 percent!

While the traditional signs use the light source itself to work, lighted neon signs use the electricity to trigger a physical and chemical reaction between the light source and gas.

Even environmental organizations stand by the use of neon lights for business because they’re low energy consumers and eco-friendly.


Reputable neon signs sellers allow you to customize your signs as you wish. That kind of flexibility allows much room for creativity meaning it’s possible to give your business exterior a personal touch.

You can choose from a broad variety of colors, numerals, alphabets, shapes, and sizes to suit your preferences and business type.

They Work at All Voltage Ranges

Lighted neon lights do not come with specific voltage requirements. They need a low voltage to work meaning neon signs can work at any voltage range. That’s unlike the traditional signs that will require that you have a standard electric source before installing. As such, businesses have room to try different creative approaches to make stunning signs using a variety of power sources.

Highly Durable

If neon lights have been properly engineered and installed, then it can last years. An average standard light bulb lasts six months to a year. On the other hand, a neon bulb has an expected lifespan of ten years.

So, you can be sure these signs will serve you well before you can repair the sign or replace the neon bulb. And whenever there’s an issue, it’s usually because of a fault in the electrical wiring.

The Bottom Line on Lighted Neon Signs

For a cost-effective way to drive more traffic to your business, choose neon signs. They’re eye-catching, simple to install, durable, customizable and consume less energy than the traditional signs. For more information on neon signs, visit