10 tips worth knowing before you apply for mortgage!

Investing in your first home is a great dream, which should be backed by a good financing plan. like most people, mortgage is probably your only choice, but before you apply, check these important tips.

  1. Look for lenders. Find a reliable and known mortgage lender for your requirements. Considerable information is available online, so you may not need a broker.
  2. Set a budget. How much can you realistically afford to spend? Decide a maximum amount and stick to it.
  3. What’s the down payment? It’s no longer compulsory to pay 20% initial payment, but in that case, you may need mortgage insurance.
  4. Check your credit report. Evaluate and check the things that are impacting your credit and if anything can be done to fix the same.
  5. Fix your loans. If you have too many loans and credit card dues, consider repaying what’s possible before moving ahead.
  6. Reduce credit utilization ratio. Make sure that the spending on your credit card is less than 15-20%. Keep up the limit, which can help the score.
  7. Find the extra fees. You may need to pay for things like processing fee, house inspection and other taxes, which should be taken into account.
  8. Consider your existing installments. If you already have a student loan or auto loan, it can minimize what you can otherwise afford for the home loan.
  9. Get the papers ready. Your bank statements, tax filings and other papers will be required, and it is best to be ready before meeting a mortgage provider.
  10. Make your questionnaire. It is important all the terms, conditions and relevant aspects related to the loan are discussed in detail. If you have questions, note them down before meeting the lender.

Check online now to find more on mortgage loans, and before you sign up on the dotted line, make sure that you know everything.